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This page is dedicated to the profession of private detective, to introduce you to the laws that govern us as well as the control body of the profession.

Private Investigators

Private detectives, also known as private research agents or private investigators, are a regulated profession.
For the youngest investigators, they are the result of specialised training in research and law.

Private investigators


There are several schools to become a private investigator.
They are authorised to practice by the Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité.

ESARP: Paris 13ᵉ
Panthéon-Assas Paris II: Paris 6ᵉ
IFAR: Montpellier

Book VI of the Internal Security Code, Title 2 Chapter 1, L621-1 states:

"The provisions of this title apply to the liberal profession which consists, for a person, in collecting, even without mentioning his capacity or revealing the purpose of his mission, information or intelligence intended for third parties, with a view to defending their interests."


Private investigators have obligations, the respect of the code of ethics as well as the respect of the laws of citizenship.
We have no sovereign power, we are not part of the public forces.

Professional secrecy is an integral part of our profession.
And privacy must not be violated during our interventions.
We must act in public places or private/public places.

Obligations détective privé Rouen

Private investigators must hold a professional card, an authorisation and a licence to operate in order to carry out investigations in France.

The numbers of the professional card, approval and authorisation to practice can be checked on the CNAPS website.

In the quick access tab, Title&CQP/ Approved companies.

National Council for Private Security Activities

The CNAPS, a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior,
Its missions:

An administrative police mission by issuing authorisations to legal entities and individuals.
A disciplinary mission by monitoring compliance with Book VI of the Internal Security Code.
A mission of advice and assistance to the profession in order to accompany its development within the framework of the law, remind it of the regulations and encourage professionalisation....

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