Particulier en Seine-Maritime

Surveys for individuals

Do you think that your doubts correspond to the articles shown in this section?

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or for an investigation request.


A spouse who fails in his duty of fidelity?
We can intervene.

Adultère à Rouen

Child Care Investigations

Does your child have shared custody?
And you want full custody back?

Astrée Détectives undertakes to intervene.

Gardes d'enfants à Rouen

Protections for minors

Is your child no longer at your family home or is he doing something suspicious?
The duty of parents is to protect and educate their child.

That's why we can investigate to get answers.

Protections pour mineurs à Rouen

Inheritance inquiries

A member of your family has died and you have not received a share of the inheritance?

We can trace its heritage so that you can inherit it.

Enquête de succession à Rouen

Searches for missing persons

A loved one that you have lost sight of?

We can find her and give you her contact details with her consent.

Recherches de personnes disparues en Normandie

Compensatory benefits negotiations

You are in divorce proceedings and your spouse is not declaring his assets or income.

We can investigate to counter his statements.

Négociations de prestations compensatoires en Seine-Maritime

Moral harassment

A person perceives continuous moral harassment?

We can establish the facts.

Harcèlements moraux en France

Genealogical investigations

You don't know your origins?
You don't know, what are your great-parents called?

Astrée Détectives is committed to collecting the necessary information to provide you with a family tree with, as far as possible, the stories of your ancestors.

Généalogie en Normandie

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