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Surveys for private companies

Do you think that your doubts correspond to the articles shown in this section?

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or to request an investigation.

Unfair competition

If you suffer from : 
Denigration (a company denigrates you directly or indirectly),
Confusion (using your brand or a similar product which confuses the customer),
Disorganisation (a competitor company that uses the poaching of employees or a diversion of customers following the departure of a former employee of your company)
Parasitism (A company that takes advantage of your reputation and your investments)

We can intervene in this type of case.

Concurrence déloyale à Rouen

Abusive sick leave

Is your employee on extended sick leave and you have doubts about his or her absence from work? 

We can investigate whether your employee is not working.

Arrêts maladies abusifs à Rouen


Have you noticed a significant drop in stock? 

Astrée Detectives can solve this problem.

Vol en Normandie

Pre-employment surveys

Do you want to be sure of the good faith of your future employee? 

Astrée Detectives can investigate to determine his or her good faith.

Enquêtes avant embauches en seine-maritime

No-competition clause

Your employee has resigned and had a non-competition clause.
Do you think he has gone to your direct competitor?  

We can help!

Clause de non-concurrence à Rouen
Assurances Seine-Martime

Insurance fraud

You are an insurer and you think that your insured may have made a false declaration to benefit from additional compensation?

Astrée Détectives can intervene in any insurance fraud.

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