Mairie en Normandie

Local and regional authorities

Do you think that your doubts correspond to the articles shown in this section?

Do not hesitate to contact us for advice or to request an investigation.


Littering in public places can have a huge impact on the environment.
The investigation will identify the perpetrator.

Dépôts sauvage à Rouen

Tagging on municipal structures

Tagging is erupting in your city and you don't know who is doing it.
We can intervene to identify the person committing these crimes.

Tag sur les structures municiaples à Rouen

Theft within the local authority

Have you just noticed that tools or raw materials have suddenly disappeared from your premises?
We can conduct an investigation to solve the problem.

Vol au sein d'une collectivité territoriale à Rouen

Diversion of materials at a waste disposal centre

Can metal theft be present at your waste disposal site? 

Détournement de matériaux d'une déchèterie en Normandie

Territorial agent combining a post or function in a private company 

The accumulation of activities consists of a public servant holding two jobs at the same time. This principle is prohibited in the civil service: "The civil servant shall carry out all of his professional activity in the tasks assigned to him.

Fonctionnaire à Rouen